The “Power of Nature” and The “The Power of Fermentation”

We are particular about “nature” and “fermentation" just like the company name and develop various products. The minimum requirement for commercialization is that whether we are really happy with our products and want our family to use our product.

Mail-Order Division

In Nihon Shizen Hakko, we promote seasonings and fermented products that we made in-house through a mail-order business. We have advertisement division to share the information to everyone in Japan, call center division for customers to order the products and for inquiries, and delivering division to deliver the products.

- Logistics Center in Kasugai -

Our company has the logistics center in Kasugai, Aichi prefecture. We would like to deliver our products safely as soon as possible.Therefore, we establish the logistics center in Kasugai, Aichi prefecture which have automatic warehouse. This new center adopts the automatic warehouse which is controlled by warehouse management system (WMS) and we can deliver to the customers with safe even if a quantity will be increased in the future.

Beliefs and Responsibilities of Nihon Shizen Hakko

We do our utmost to ensure our products with high quality and safety. It is obvious that Amo Koso is the safe and high-qualitied products since it is taken in the body. We don’t take this obvious thing for granted and we always try to manage quality and safety with fresh feelings. Based on the traditional high technique, and adoption of new technique, we provide the products which are truly delicious, healthy and safe.

Company Profile

Company Name Nihon Shizen Hakko Co., Ltd.
Founded April, 1990
Capital 100 million
Home Office 501-5401
796-3, Mumaya, Shokawa-cho, Takayama-shi, Gifu
Representative President Sadao Suzuki
Sales 7.9 billion ended in March, 2022
Employees 188 as of March, 2022
Business Lineup Food Planning, Manufacturing, and Retail Business
Main Bank Mizuho Bank, Nagoya Branch / Aichi Bank, Nagoya Station Branch / Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Nagoya Station Branch / Hida Shinyo Kumiai, Head Office, Sales Department